These regulations, the price list and booking conditions, which are an integral part of it, are posted at the entrance to the campsite and can be consulted on the website. The act of entering the campsite constitutes unreserved acceptance by the customer.


1) The entry of new guests is expected from 8:30 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 19:00. Already registered guests will have free access on foot, while entry by vehicles can only take place in compliance with the time out of silence.

2) Upon arrival, the camper must show up for acceptance, show an identification document and sign the notification form. The customer is required to check the accuracy of the recordings, to report any discrepancies and to notify in advance the changes, the arrival and departure of people.

3) To each individual guest will be given a bracelet with the function of camping-pass, to be shown at the entrance and whenever the staff requests it.

4) A camping pass will be provided for vehicles to be displayed on the windscreen. Only vehicles equipped with camping passes will be able to circulate within the campsite.

5) The entry of minors not accompanied by an adult, who is legally responsible for them, is not allowed. Liability also refers to behaviors that disturb the peace, safety and hygiene of guests and damage to property and people.

6) The access and presence of unauthorized persons at the campsite involves:

  • Violation of the Public Safety regulation (Article 109 of the TULPS);
  • Violation of domicile (Article 614 of the Criminal Code);
  • Invasion of land and buildings (Article 633 of the Criminal Code);
  • Theft of services (Article 624 of the Criminal Code);
  • Contractual fraud offense.



1) The count of stays is made based on the number of nights.

2) Guests must settle the bill on the day of arrival, unless otherwise agreed with the Management. The balance must in any case be paid within the day before departure.

3) The cash office is open from 8:30 to 12:30 and from 16:00 to 19:00.

4) Payment can be made by credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro), debit card or cash within the limit of € 4999.99 as required by current legislation.

5) Departure from the pitches must take place by 12 o’clock (noon). Departure from the housing units must take place within 10:00, after handing over the keys to the reception. After these terms, any additional night will be charged.



1) People wishing to visit campers must request authorization and hand over a personal document at the entrance. Visitors are allowed to enter from 8:30 to 19:00. If the stay exceeds the term of one (1) hour, they must pay the regular entrance fee.

2) Any vehicle will preferably be parked outside the campsite or otherwise, where indicated by the Staff and will be subject to the rate indicated in the price list.

3) The camp guest is required to ensure that their visitors are in possession of the authorization of the office staff and is responsible for their behavior within the camp.



1) The camper, in choosing the pitch, must follow the instructions of the staff.

2) All equipment, including vehicles, must be neatly placed within the boundaries of the pitch and according to the instructions of the staff. Anyone wishing to park their car in an area outside their pitch will have to pay the relevant rate and park where indicated by the management.

3) The installation of more than one equipment per pitch is not allowed, unless approved by the staff.

4) It is forbidden to install fences of any kind and to plant poles.

5) It is forbidden to tie anything to trees, street lamps, electric columns and to tie ropes at eye level. For the use of hammocks and to hang out the laundry, it is preferable for the guest to use special facilities and drying racks. The guest must still take care to maintain an emergency passage.

6) Any change of pitch must be authorized in advance by the office staff.



1) The housing units are available from 16:00 and must be vacated no later than 10:00.

2) Reservations must be made exclusively through the office staff and become effective only after payment of the deposit and confirmation of the staff.

3) Upon arrival, guests must pay the amount referring to the entire period.

4) The equipment of the mobile homes are described in the lists available at the office.

5) The guest must promptly report any damage or malfunction of the facilities to the management.

6) The rental of the housing units for a minimum of 7 nights entitles you to a weekly change of sheets, further changes must be agreed with the office staff and are subject to the relevant rate.

7) Animals may be allowed inside the housing units subject from the authorization of the staff of the reception and upon payment of the price indicated in the price list.


1) The use of the pier is subject to authorization by the staff and subject to the applicable rates.

2) The berth will be identified by the office staff.

3) The boat must be moored properly, in order to not cause damage to people or things.   If necessary, it must be equipped with fenders. However, the responsibility will remain with the user of the berth.

4) Guests with berths will receive, after a deposit of € 5.00, the keys of the gates that give direct access to the pier. The deposit will be returned upon return of the keys. Loss of keys will result in the loss of the deposit.

5) The use of the gates that give direct access to the pier is allowed between 7:00 and 23:00. Guests must ensure that the gate remains closed, in order to prevent access to the campsite by strangers, under penalty of revocation of the keys and the berth.



1) Animals are subject to the rates indicated in the price list, regardless of weight and breed, both on the pitches and in the mobile homes.

2) The acceptance of dogs and other animals must be agreed with the management, who may request the booklet with the relative vaccinations. However, the responsibility for the booklet and vaccinations remains with the guest. Animals are subject to the rates set out in the price list, regardless of weight and breed.

3) The use of a leash is mandatory, even in the presence of the owner and at one's own pitch. Any installation of small fences to replace the leash must be authorized by the Management.

4) Animals must not drink directly from fountains or other public water taps.

5) A special point is set up at the services at the entrance to the campsite for washing animals, it is forbidden to use the fountains or other water taps for this purpose.

6) Animals cannot access the swimming pool area or the toilets.

7) The owners are responsible for the behavior of their animals and must ensure that they do not roam freely around the campsite and that they do not disturb the peace and quiet, especially during the hours of silence.

8) If required by current legislation, animals must wear a muzzle.

9) The owners must take the animals outside the campsite for the fulfillment of their needs and always provide for the collection of the excrements.



1) The camper undertakes, under his own responsibility, to use plugs, cables and equipment for connection to the columns exclusively in accordance with the EEC.

2) Each pitch entitles you to use only one electrical outlet. Any use of extra electrical sockets, even if temporary, must be authorized by the management.



1) The pools are open from 9:30 am to 12:45 pm and from 3:15 pm to 6:45 pm, except for variations due to maintenance and cleaning operations or to particular climatic conditions. 2) Access to the solarium requires disinfection of the feet in the special pool at the entrance to the swimming pool area.

3) Children under the age of 3 must wear special pool diapers.

4) No mats, balls or other inflatables can be introduced into the pools. The use of armrests and life jackets is allowed.

5) Peace and relaxation must be respected in the swimming pool area. Noises and games that could disturb other guests are prohibited.

6) It is forbidden to dive into the pool.

7) The Management reserves the right to change the times and conditions of use of the swimming pool if it deems it appropriate.



1) The closing time goes from 13:00 to 15:00 and from 23:00 to 7:00. Silence must be strictly observed at these hours.

2) During the quiet time, the entry and exit of motor vehicles is prohibited.

3) Noises are prohibited at all times, the harassing use of radio and TV sets, the use of bicycles, skates or anything else that disturbs guests, behaviors, games and activities that disturb the peace and tranquility of the campsite.

4) The use of air conditioners is allowed if the emissions do not exceed normal tolerability and if they do not disturb the neighbors. The Management reserves the right to prohibit the use of the devices.

5) The Management reserves the right to authorize entertainment activities that temporarily change the time of silence (eg musical evenings, shows, etc.).



1) Inside the campsite it is strictly forbidden:

  • Throwing waste out of the special containers;
  • Lighting fires outdoors and grilling with wood or coal (gas or electric grill can be used, under conditions that do not constitute disturbance or danger);
  • Damage the vegetation;
  • Dig up and tamper with the ground;
  • Pour on the ground oils, fuels, boiling, salty or waste liquids;
  • Wash cars or other vehicles;
  • Wash dishes or linens outside the special sinks;
  • Wash things or itself at the fountains ;
  • Wasting or improper use of water;
  • Install anything that could constitute a potential danger and hinder free passage;
  • Cross, even if on foot, the occupied pitches;
  • Move the vehicle faster than walking pace.



1) The Management is solely and exclusively responsible for covering the risks for civil liability towards third parties.

2) Any damage caused by the use of leisure equipment is the responsibility of the user.

3) Guests will be responsible for any damage caused by them, by minors under their care or by animals owned by them, to things and people.

4) The Management is not responsible for thefts, damage caused by other guests, natural disasters, insects, diseases, epidemics and pandemics, including plants.

5) The aforementioned responsibilities of the Management and guests also extend to the jetty.



1) The objects found within the campsite must be handed over to the Management for the obligations prescribed by law.



1) For requests and complaints, the guest must contact the Management exclusively, even when such requests concern the use of tools owned by the campsite, cutting the grass or other maintenance.



1) The Management reserves the right to expel those who, at its sole discretion, infringe the regulation or otherwise disturb the harmony and spirit of the accommodation, damage the good course of community life and the interests of the accommodation complex.

2) Customers already expelled or recalled will not be able to access the campsite without a new, specific authorization from the management.



For anything not expressly provided for in these regulations, customers are required to comply with the provisions of the Management. The Management reserves the right to modify this regulation at any time it deems necessary.

Cars must be parked at least one meter from mobile house units (tents, caravans, mobile homes).



1) The campsite is equipped with an alarm system through which the guest can report a fire or a health emergency;

2) The map shows the location of the alarm buttons and the location of the fire extinguishers;

3) On the map it is possible to view the escape routes, the collection points and the telephone useful telephone numbers in case of emergency.


Our Staff has the knowledge and means to cope with the emergencies that comply with current regulations, but the cooperation of the guests is essential. Anyway, we remind you that:

  • the use of open flames inside the campsite is strictly prohibited;
  • the use of the charcoal or wood barbecues is prohibited , the use of electrical or gas or grills with 5 kg cylinders and in conditions that they do not create disturbance or danger for other guests is permitted;
  • it is forbidden to leave fires of any nature and size, lit and unattended (stoves, candles spirals, lemongrass, etc.);
  • it is forbidden to leave electrical equipment without supervision (ovens, cookers, but also refrigerators and air conditioners ca be a source of danger);
  • it is forbidden to smoke, use candles, open flames or cook inside the tents;
  • cars must be parked at least one meter from mobile house units (tents, caravans, mobile homes).