These rules and price list, which is an integral part of these rules, are brought to the guest’s attention on arrival and displayed at the campsite entrance. Entering the campsite involves complete acceptance of these rules by the guest. Rules for Guests
1) On arrival, campers must notify reception, where they will present ID and sign the notification form.
2) Guest must check that registration details are correct and notify the management of any errors or changes in advance, such as a change in pitch or in arrival and departure of guests.
3) Minors are not allowed entry unless accompanied by an adult who is legally responsible. This includes responsibility for behaviour that disturbs the peace, safety and hygiene of guests and damage to property or people.
4) The access and presence of unauthorised persons at the campsite violates:
– Public Safety regulations (art. 109 TULPS)
– Art. 614 of the Penal Code (unlawful entry)
– Art. 633 of the Penal Code (squatting)
– Art. 624 of the Penal Code (theft of service)
– And is an act of contractual fraud
5) People who wish to visit campers, including family or friends, must request authorisation and provide ID on entry. If their stay exceeds an hour they must pay the usual entrance fee. Any vehicle must be parked where indicated by staff and will be subject to the charge shown on the price list.
6) Campsite guests must ensure that their visitors are authorised by management and are responsible for their behaviour in the campsite.

Departures and cash desk times
1) The days of the stay will be based on the number of nights.
2) Departures must take place by 10 am. After this time a further night will be charged.
3) Guests must settle their bills the day before departure.
4) The cash desk is open from 9:00 to 12:00 and from 15:00 to 18:00.

Choice and use of pitches
1) When choosing pitches campers must follow staff instructions.
2) All equipment, including vehicles, must be properly placed within the boundaries of the pitch. If you want to park your car in a space outside the pitch you must pay the relative charge and park where indicated by the management. Anyone who occupies other pitches, even temporarily and even if these are free, must pay the charge stated in the price list. 3) No more than one camping equipment for pitch can be installed, unless authorised by the management.
4) Do not install fences or place posts of any kind.
5) It is forbidden to tie anything to trees or to tie ropes at eye level. For hanging hammocks and washing, guests are advised to use the structures and hangers provided. Washing and hammocks can be hung from trees, but only when in use. Please keep emergency passages free.

1) Dogs and other pets must be authorised by the management, which may request ownership and vaccination documents.
Ownership and vaccination documents are the guest’s responsibility.
2) Dogs must always be kept on a lead, even when their owner is nearby and they are on their own pitch.
3) Owners must ensure pets behave properly and do not disturb the peace and quiet of the campsite, especially during rest hours.
4) Dogs must be muzzled if applicable under current laws.
5) Owners must always clean up after their pets.
6) Pets are not allowed on the beach (Regulation 122 30/04/08 Town of Caorle, Art. 3).

1) Campers are required and are responsible for using only plugs, cables and systems to connect to EEC-compliant electricity columns that also comply with EEC norms.
2) Every pitch many use only one electrical socket. The use of extra electrical plugs, even if temporary, must be authorised by the management.

Lost and Found
1) Objects found on the campsite must be given to the management to fulfil legal requirements.

Responsibility of the Campsite
1) The management will only be held responsible for third party insurance cover, as stipulated in the FONDIARIA SAI, DIVISIONE SAI policy.
2) Any damages caused by games equipment are the responsibility of the user.
3) Guests will be held responsible for any damage or injury to property or persons.
4) The management will not be held responsible for theft, for damage caused by other guests, for natural disasters, insects, illnesses or epidemics, including those from plants.
5) The above responsibilities of the campsite and its guests also apply to the dock.

Rest and quiet hours on the campsite
1) Rest and quiet periods are from 13:00 to 15:00 and from 23:00 to 7:00. Peace and quiet must be rigorously observed during these periods.
2) Motor vehicles are not allowed to enter or leave the campsite during these times.
3) At all other times, loud noise, behaviour, games and activities that disturb guests and the peace and quiet of the campsite are also forbidden.
4) The management reserves the right to authorise entertainment activities that may modify rest and quiet hours temporarily (e.g. musical evenings and performances, ect.)
The Following is Forbidden:
1) Within the campsite it is strictly forbidden:
To throw refuse outside containers provided
To light fires outdoors (the grill can be used as long as does not cause disturbance or danger)
To damage vegetation
To dig or manhandle earth
To pour oil, fuel, boiling liquid, salty substances or refuse on the ground
To wash your car or other vehicles
To wash plates or linens outside the sinks provided
To wash objects or yourself in the fountains
To waste or use water improperly
To put any article that could be potentially hazardous and obstruct free passage of people and objects
To cross occupied pitches, even on foot
To drive faster than dead slow

Mobile Homes
1) Mobile homes are available from 16:00 and must be left vacant no later than 10:00.
2) Bookings must be made only through office staff and are confirmed only when a downpayment has been left and upon confirmation by staff.
3) For mobile homes, the minimum charge is calculated on the basis of 4 people, even if there are fewer occupants.
4) On arrival, guests must pay the sum for the whole period, plus a deposit of € 50.00 which will be refunded on the day of departure, after management has ensured that no damage has been caused to the structure or equipment.
5) A list of equipment and furnishings in mobile homes is available from the office.
6) Guests must immediately inform the management of any damage or malfunctioning items in accommodation structures
7) Rental of accommodation structures includes a weekly change of bed linen. Any other changes will be charged according to laundry prices.
8) Pets are allowed in accommodation structures if authorised by office staff.

The Dock
1) Use of the dock must be authorised by staff and is subject to current charges.
2) Moorings will be assigned by office staff.
3) Boats must be properly moored so as not to cause damage or injury to persons or objects. They must have fenders if necessary. This is the responsibility of the user.
4) Guests with a mooring will receive keys to the gates that give direct access to the dock, after leaving a 10 euro deposit. The deposit will be refunded when keys are handed in. The deposit will be retained if keys are lost.
5) Use of the gates that give direct access to the dock is allowed from 7:00 to 23:00 and is reserved for guests with a mooring. Guests must ensure that the gate remains closed in order to avoid people from outside the campsite gaining access. Those who do not comply will no longer be allowed to use the mooring.

Removal from the Campsite
1) The management reserves the right to remove anyone who it considers in contravention of rules or who disturbs the peace and harmony of the campsite, damages communal living or the interests of the campsite as a whole.
2) Guests who have been removed or who have had complaints made about them cannot access the campsite again unless specifically authorised by the management.

Complaints and Requests
1) Guests’ complaints and requests must be exclusively addressed to the management, including those concerning the use of campsite equipment, grass cutting or other maintenance.